• A1 Building Services website is designed and maintained by local company Pegasus Ventures
  • Pegasus Ventures designed the responsive website for A1 Building Services of Wayland
  • Great web designer design and hosting for A1 Building Services by Pegasus Ventures , truly local website design
  • Local Grand Rapids company Pegasus Ventures designed and maintained the A1 Building Services website

A1 Building Services- Identifying client needs

A1 Building Services didn't "need" a website 10 years ago when Pegasus Ventures first called looking to build their first website. A1 Building Services works for large institutional building owners like hospitals and their satellite facilities. Not your average "janitorial service," A1 Building services provides highly specialized services with few competitors in their service area.

People using services like A1 Building Services already know the main players in their area and "getting to the top" of Google search fails to best serve our client.  Pegasus Ventures developed and designed the website and search engine optimization to deliver search results almost exclusively by company name.

The Pegasus Ventures website development and design team also looks to limit contacts to A1 Building Services so as not to confuse people who may be looking for the more average janitorial services saving the staff time answering inquiries not to mention troubling callers themselves.

Sometimes getting to the "top"  best serves the client. More importantly Pegasus Ventures looks to serve the client's best interest rather than taking a one approach fits all to getting new business and then developing websites for our small business customers.

Serving A1 Building Services more than 10 years

Customer number four, and today more than a decade powering the A1 Building Services website by Pegasus Ventures , a small business serving small business.

Pegasus Ventures feels honored to serve as the website designer and developer for A1 Building Services.

Pegasus Ventures gets the job done right for small business!

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