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Pegasus Ventures Portfolio- Cantina Mexican Grill

Responsive design equals more visitors. In early 2015 Google began giving preference in  search results to websites with either separate mobile sites, or mobile friendly "responsive" developed websites. Cantina Mexican Grill was prepared more than a year before Google made their change. Taking good care of client websites meant, in the case of Cantina Mexican Grill, bringing a new design to the client before the client asked.

Professional images make Cantina Mexican Grill's website fantastic

Pegasus Ventures often advises small business clients not to be afraid of "real" pictures for their websites..

The advice for restaurants? Spend cash on professional pictures. Cantina Mexican Grill found a terrific photographer who worked with Pegasus Ventures displaying the great fare Cantina Mexican Grill customers love about this restaurant located in Kentwood, Michigan, a suburb of Grand Rapids.

The images are mouthwatering; anyone doubt those images bring people to Cantina Mexican Grill?

Publish a menu on your restaurant's website, keep it up to date

Keeping websites up to date for restaurants makes for happy customers. An important value of Pegasus Ventures 's website design and development for this local Grand Rapids area restaurant is easy menu updating at no additional cost.

The owner's husband, a doctor with a creative flair  designs and updates Cantina Mexican Grill's menu each Spring. An email to Pegasus Ventures gets the menu updated fast ensuring customers see current pricing and the current menu making for happy visitors to Cantina Mexican Grill's website.

Anyone experience a customer challenging staff over a difference in pricing?

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