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P&D Enterprises in Scranton, PA

A bit of an unusual company, P&D Enterprises in Scranton, PA offers rentals for a wide variety of people from rooms to rent to, to traditional apartments to student housing for young people attending area higher learning like Penn State University, Lackawanna College and the University of Scranton. Pegasus Ventures website design and on-going development focuses on both promoting the website but also giving P&D Enterprises a place for potential renters to go from their primary source of renters, Craigslist.

SEO matters

Private landlords rarely benefit much from a solid Search Engine Optimization strategy; if they even have a website. In larger communities the number of large corporate property owners renting eclipses the marketing of smaller landlords. In Scranton, though, there are few large apartment complexes and few people promoting their business online leaving the space relatively open.

With this newer customer, Pegasus Ventures looks to help P&D dominate the online space. Other than Craigslist, most small property owners fail to promote to the student market on the web itself, leaving this space to someone with an aggressive SEO strategy.

If you are a parent looking to help your son or daughter with off campus housing the place to start, most often? The web; and those looking to dominate the space win more business.  

Responsive, mobile ready

Pegasus Ventures more than two years ago converted all clients to, "responsive" mobile ready websites ensuring all client websites work on every platform. The P&D Enterprises website began entirely, "responsive" with cool moving features and effects which don't slow down the loading of the website. 

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