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Pegasus Ventures - an ecommerce company?

Nearly a decade ago a client asked Pegasus Ventures to sell restaurant guest checks online. Owner Rob Dewey considered the idea preposterous; but the company built five websites the client making it difficult to walk out on. Sadly, the recession took our combination client and vendor in 2009. Pegasus Ventures forged even adding product lines in addition to more than 100 restaurant guest checks. Pegasus Ventures now offers napkin bands, cash register rolls and food rotation labels online shipping product as far away as Italy, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and of course in every state in the United States. Click or swipe to see the Pegasus Ventures ecommerce shop.

Ecommerce big and small- Pegasus Ventures makes it work

The biggest issue one considers in ecommerce really boils down to how many products your business sells online. For those with just a few products a local website designer like Pegasus Ventures easily builds an ecommerce website with options designed to meet even the most challenging flow from the website to pushing products out the door

With a large number of products  Pegasus Ventures partners with a national company to build a site designed to make selling dozens or hundreds of products fast and easy. Pegasus Ventures seeks to take on the role of trainer and advisor, first, setting up the website and adding products to helping build confidence in staff and owners to take on almost all of the daily operation of the website.

Responsive ecommerce

Responsive websites work across all platforms. Today's website fits whatever device your visitors are using. More and more people use tablets and mobile phones to buy products online, and growing access to fast mobile internet makes all the difference for many people just looking to find an buy quickly.

Every Pegasus Ventures website conforms to the current mobile standards the search engines demand. In the Spring of 2015 Google began giving presence search results to websites conforming to mobile standards. Pegasus Ventures clients knew months in advance with websites ready to work on every platform before the change!

Grand Rapids website designer Pegasus Ventures does the job right for small business!

  • Pegasus Ventures earns trust every day of small business owners everywhere!
  • Over 10 years building web presence to the current Google Webmaster standards
  • The focus, simple; great design, great contact with an eye to driving top line sales

Click or swipe to visit the Pegasus Ventures portfolio page to see more of the work this Grand Rapids website company has done!

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