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Close to the heart- cold business web development

A big mistake non-profits often make looking for a web designer is tugging at the heart strings of the web site design and development company rather than assessing the value prospective local web designers contribute to the agency or group's mission.

Looking for free website design and development often ends up creating the value the non profit pays for the service. A website design and development company works best viewed as an investment rather than a donor.

A key question to ask a local website and design company like Grand Rapids based Pegasus Ventures is, "Okay, so if I spend $395 tell me how you believe our non-profit will see a return of $3950, or $7900?"  An agency looking for return on investment of, say, 10%  ought to expect a rational plan to see a return of at least $3950 annually. By the same token if outreach investment runs about 5% the return generated ought to be in neighborhood of $7900.

More than a decade into this business, Pegasus Ventures knows the investment "model" creates expectations and challenges to meet for both the website design and development company and working with Pegasus Ventures . In other words more dollars come from the very same expectations of a commercial client.

Working the Koz Classic since 2009

Pegasus Ventures designed the first website supporting the Robert Kozminski Memorial Classic, honoring a fallen police officer, in 2009. Pegasus Ventures then redesigns the site making it "responsive," a web development term meaning the website works on both traditional and mobile platforms. 

The "Koz Classic"  raises money to support scholarships in the name of fallen Grand Rapids Police Officer Kozminski. The Koz Classic continues to grow from more of an ad hoc group of family members to garnering more support from the Grand Rapids area police community as well as a growing number of businesses. A goal of the family entails creating a self sustaining scholarship fund to last in perpetuity.

Pegasus Ventures lends support as the Kozminski Family brought the additional of dozens of new sponsors to the 2015 event with a page for each sponsor ensuring visitors to the website not only know the name of the sponsor but ensuring one click or swipe easily takes visitors to the sponsor's web site. 

Pegasus Ventures saves the data, along with other information, with an eye to making outreach easier allowing the event to focus on adding even more sponsors. Just one of many assists coming from the web development team making succeeding event more and more efficient as the event continues to grow.

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